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Below are the annual subscription fees for each type of category of organisation. The annual membership fee is structured to reflect the type and size of the organisation joining:

 Category Description NZ Fees (+ GST) NZD
 A1 National/State Government Transport agency  $6,084  $5,390
 B0 Council or Council Controlled Entities over 500,000 population  $6,084  $5,390
 B1 Council over 100,000 population
 $3,092  $2,741
 B2 Council 20,000 - 100,000 population
 $1,618  $1,416
 B3 Council under 20,000 population
 $881  $753
 C1 Consultancy – over 3 offices
 $3,092  $2,741
 C2 Consultancy 2-3 offices  $1,618  $1,416
 C3 Consultancy – single office  $881  $753
 C4 Consultancy – sole trader
 $518  $477
 D1 Private Person  $518  $477
 D2 Professional grouping/interest groups
 $518  $477

All prices are exclusive of GST. Membership fees are subject to change. International sales do not incur GST but are subject to postage and courier charges.

As the database is now using the TRICS platform when you join you will now recieve a login  and password to the TRICS login page:

Please sign and return the membership agreement form  or accessed electronically via Google forms. 

This is for access to the New Zealand and Australia database only, however if you wish to join the UK database too this can be arranged at a heavily discounted rate.  Please contract TDB for information.