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About the TDB

The New Zealand Trips and Parking Database Bureau (NZTPDB) formed in 2002 and was expanded in 2008 to include both New Zealand and Australian members when it adopted it's present name, the Trips Database Bureau (TDB). It was formed as a Focus Group of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) Transportation Group and became an Incorporated Society in 2004.

TDB formed following the commission of two research reports by Transfund New Zealand in 2001.   These reports formed the basis of the TDB database and since 2002 the database has been added and updated with new survey information.  The reports are :

  • Transfund New Zealand Research Report No. 209. Trips and Parking Related to Land Use. Volume 1: Report, a review of surveyed information in New Zealand relating to trip generation and parking demand by individual land uses, and
  • Transfund New Zeland Research Report No. 210 Trips and Parking related to Land Use - Volumne 2: Trips and Parking Surveys Database.

TDB are governed by a Board comprising of up to 12 elected members, an elected chair and two appointed members.  The Board members for 2015-16 are:

New Zealand

Tony Brennand (Chairman) Ranjan Pant
Phillip Brown Daryl Hughes
Antoni Facey Chris Freke
Dave Wanty (IPENZ Transportation Group) Andrew Milne


John Hart Peter McIntyre
Peter Doupe Ken Hollyoak

Stuart Woods is the Executive Officer of TDB and provides administration services to the Board. Research is undertaken by contract researchers including Ian Clark from Flow Transportation Specialists Ltd, Steve Abley & Dave Smith of Abley Transportation Consultants and Staff from Traffic Design Group.

To become a member of the TDB, find out more at the Join Us page.